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Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas


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February 28th, 2019


The Lighting Studio at the Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas



Age Group

Early 20'S (College Students)


Zachary Dupree

Selena Contreras

Kaitlyn Tostado

Jessica Monsibaiz

Dana Salinas De La Garza

Amarah Williams

Megan Balden

Sarah Castilleja

Tristan Jasso

Lindsey Bruce

Gabriela DiSarli

The Participants are Communication Design major College students at Texas State University.

Collective Drawing Outcomes

Collected Stories



The participants chose learning (8), childhood (6) and solitude (5) the most as their significant places in their life. Love (3), death (3) and harm (1) were also selected.


"You grow from these experiences and become a better person by

wisdom and understanding things around you."

"I met one of my best friends of over 1/2 my life there."

"I realized that I can't wait to see the world."

"Italy offered whole new experiences."


"It is where I learned enjoy myself and made memories with   


"I learned a lot of love and loneliness growing up in the valley."

drawings: crayons, house, basketball, dragon, nature, sun, fish


"It is where I feel most at peace and I have clear thoughts."

"It taught me how to be more independent."

 drawings: shower, sleep, reading, being alone, walking in nature,   

 smelling plant, listening to music, sun, driving, donut, and pencil


"It became a turning point in my life that made me realize that

the  person I became wasn't who I was or who I wanted to be."

drawings: dog, family (grand-mother, grand-father), bunny, friend,



"It changed my direction."

drawings: sports, adobe software, rejection, roommates, parents, tuition, tears, hypothyroid, politics, high school

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