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research questions


How do we use technology and data to help people feel connected in a meaningful and personal way?

Can a visual narrative be collected as data in qualitative research to understand, describe and explain a commonality of human experiences

and interactions?


What makes images quantitatively meaningful?



about project

Stories Become Data project is an interactive digital environment created by MiHyun Kim. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Communication Design within the School of Art and Design at Texas State University. This project invites participants to share their own stories to a collective narrative through writing, drawing, and animating. 


Designed for creative expression and civic imagination, Stories Become Data runs through the processes of conception, design, and construction with an element of play, experimentation, and collaboration. Workshop attendees draw their stories based on prompts via wi-fi interconnected iPads. The iPads are projected on an open wall to show the cumulative process of the participants’ creations. This digital environment creates a space for participants to share and to visualize their stories collectively and simultaneously in real-time. It allows individuals to share their stories, giving us an opportunity to see a fuller perspective of how we relate to each other.

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