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Austin Design Week, Austin, Texas


Collective Drawing Outcomes

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November 7th, 2019



Capital Factory, Austin






Age Group

Early 20's to 50's



Sally Thomason

Michael Baez

Andrew Collins

Kassandra Garcia

Tejas Sevak

Isabela Gonzalez

Mae Hardebeck


Laura Koby

Michelle Kao

Jessica Lin

Amanda Le

Andy Mullady



The event was held during the 2019 Austin Design Week.

Collected Stories



The participants chose love (6), learning (5), childhood (4), death (4), defeat (3), solitude (3), triumph (3) as their significant places in their life. Breakup (2) and harm (1)
were also selected.


"It connected me to the world."

"The sense of comradery, hope, and fun created a bliss life experience."


drawings: a person connecting with the sun, mountain, other people and etc..


"that set the stage for my future interpersonal interactions."

"I remember the emotions/feelings through an ever-changing lens–where my current experience is juxtaposed to nostalgia."

"It was a long and very interesting process in my life."



drawings: a crying child surrounded by three angry faces, two open arms with a lollipop in hand, child sitting in the kitchen table and a woman(mom) cooking.


"because of the extreme pain felt."

"I learned a lot about how I mourn. I learned to appreciate the things my father did give me. I opened up myself to connecting with people."



drawings: fire, family tree and a car with first aid icon



"1) I have never tried this experience before long-distance hiking, 2) I was with my friends, 3) It was a challenge + reward at the end, 4) It was a beautiful view."

"I had an undiagnosed autoimmune disease for eight years that left me bedridden and unable to care for myself. I was diagnosed after eight years and given my life back. I am now able to hold down a job, take care of myself and training to join the circus for trapeze and acrobatics.



drawings: four people on the top of mountain looking at the view,

A circus tent


"the view of the sunset, the quite of the end of the day, the gentle

warmth, the feeling of contentment and freedom from worry."




drawings: three waves, a car with the front light on


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