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CAA ARTexchange, Chicago, Illinois


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February 14th, 2020



Hokin Gallery, Columbia College of Art and Design, Chicago, Illinois





Age Group

Early 20's to 50's



CAA Community and Columbia College of Art and Design students



The event was held during the 2020 CAA ( College Art Association) ARTexchange in Chicago, Illinois.

Collective Drawing Outcomes

Collected Stories



The participants chose love (3), solitude (3), triumph (3) and death (2), as their memorable life events in their life. Breakup (1), breakup (1), learning (1), childhood (1), were also selected.


"It was the most joy-filled, ecstatic high!"



drawings: people gathered under a big tent with the sun.


"I got to experience more and see more of what I wanted rather than if I were with other people."

"Solitude is the best time for myself."



drawings: Silhouette of three buildings. View from her room



"It seemed impossible to achieve until it became possible."

"I was so excruciatingly shy that when I stood on stage by myself and made myself as big as I could, it felt empowering and nothing bad happened. No one bullied me at that moment. They cheered. It was a good self-confidence booster.


drawings: a microphone, A person with two open arms standing on a stage while saying My name is Naomi!


"It made me appreciate friendship and time spent with those people."

"The days before the vet put him down, he was suffering and there was nothing I could do and when he was euthanized, I saw the life leave his body through the pupils of his eyes and his breath.



drawings: A camera, two cups, and a hammer on a table, A dog and two circles (pupils)


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