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Beijing Language and Culture University
Beijing, China


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July 11th, 2019



Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), Beijing, China





Age Group

Early 20's to Mid 20's



Nicole Basta

Samantha Chapman

Robert Warrix

Victoria Davis

Lindsey Bruce

Fam Di


Zhang Ruoxian

Song Jiu Fang



The Participants are American students at Texas State University and Chinese students at Beijing Language and Culture University.


The Chinese was translated by Dr. Patricia Schiaffini-Vedani.

Collective Drawing Outcomes

Collected Stories



The participants chose childhood (4), defeat (4), learning (3), solitude (3), death (3), triumph (3) as their significant places in their life. Harm (2), love (1) and Coming to China (2) were also selected.


"I miss a time without pressure of life where I could be happy." (translated from Chinese)



drawings: objects from Childhood (ice cream, a dress, a slice of watermelon, a drink, a popsicle)


"I have never been so low in my life and it was an emotional and unreal life changing experience."

"Defeat allows me to scrutinize myself. It constantly tempers my heart, at the same time that it allows me to discover the advantages and disadvantages of my objective reality. Defeat makes me realize that I am in the process of climbing to a higher place, and that I am facing even harder challenges and more difficult things – and that means that I am improving."

(translated from Chinese)


"It taught me how to let go."



drawings: rejection letter from college, leaves falling out of a flower


"In the process of learning, my inner world become richer." (translated from Chinese)



drawings: Many colorful hearts in a person's heart


"Gpa & Leka passing: They are very important people in my life."



drawings: Heart angel crying


"I didn't know love at first sight was real until my nephew was born."



drawings: meeting a baby (nephew)

Coming to China

"It is out of my comfort zone and my first time travelling without my family! Also, because I am learning so much."



drawings: Welcome to China. She on the globe. Plane flying around the globe.


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